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Marine Infrared Imaging
Marine scan The boating industry has long used marine surveyors to examine vessels for a wide variety of anomalies. Infrared Imaging can now augment these surveys with non-destructive testing of the electrical, mechanical, and power generating systems of these vessels to give our clients the clearest picture of what is actually happening to their vessels. Using infrared technology, we have detected delamination, blistering and structural integrity problems in the hulls.

No longer is there a need to cut holes in an exploratory manner to determine the extent of damages or the conditionof the hull. You will receive an infrared inspection of your boat's hull and superstructure, its electrical system, the mechanical system, and if it applies, your shore power source.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging in Marine Applications
  • Allows seller to document vessel's condition visually with infrared images
  • Gives buyer a pre-purchase inspection and visual images for documentation which are not attainable with conventional marine inspection methods
  • Provides for insurance documentation
  • Extremely useful for appraisal and damage assessments
Infrared Imaging provides quality assurance on your next boat purchase!

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