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Block Wall Infrared Imaging
Roof scan Infrared imaging of your CMU (concrete masonry unit) block wall is accurate, non-destructive and inexpensive.

IR imaging allows you to see the grouted cells, insulation and air-leakage in the entire wall section. Infrared testing can be performed at any time during the construction process without delaying or interrupting any other trades or affecting the progress of the building.

Two major benefits arise from having a BlockWall IR scan:
  1. When deficiencies are found, a report can be generated so that corrections can be made with surgical precision.
  2. The owner gets what he paid for and designers can literally "see " that their specifications have been followed.
You have a choice:
  1. Destructive Testing - open up the wall with hammer or drill, explore the interior, check and then later repair the holes. OR:
  2. Block Wall IR Scan - non-destructive, accurate, quick and economical. You literally see what is inside.

Blockwall Scan

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